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Colloidal Silver

Silver was commonly used in past centuries for antimicrobial purposes. Various forms of silver are used today for the same reason. Ultra Silver® is safe and non-toxic when used as directed. There are no known drug interactions of any kind.

Ultra Silver® is a non-prescription dietary supplement providing silver in a safe and bioavailable form. Ultra Silver® is made without the use of electrolysis and contains no nitrates or salts. For lower concentrations, Ultra Silver® may be further diluted with pure water. In this manner, Ultra Silver® provides you with a premium product at the best possible value.

Ultra Silver® by Bountico is a highly concentrated, bio available form of colloidal silver. There are many different sizes and concentrations available depending on your personal supplement requirements. Ultra Silver® is proven to have a mean particle size of 35.2 nanometers as verified by Beckman Coulter Particle Characterization.

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Ultra Silver Colloidal Silver

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