Colloidal Silver Disinfectant

Silver is used as a disinfectant in many areas of modern life. It may be found in life saving sols and gels where it prevents infection from spreading, in advanced air and water filtration systems that require extreme standards to the clothing you wear everyday. The efficacy of silver as a bactericidal agent is well known and accepted.

The mechanism of action by which this occurs is known as the oligodynamic effect.

A recent article from the associated press reports that the University of Arizona’s microbiology professor Charles Gerba, found a hundred times more bacteria on kitchen cutting boards than on toilet seats. He also found 60% of the washing machines he tested had coliform bacteria and 10% had E. coli. Next he found 40% of sterile clothes washed in unbleached laundry contained fecal bacteria. Bacteria such as salmonella, which causes food poisoning and the diarrhea causing Hepatitis A virus was also found.

Many people now use cold water and reduced bleach in their washers thinking that the soap will do the job. Since you can’t use bleach on colored clothing an easy way to be sure your clothes are bacteria free would be the addition of a few drops of our 10,000 PPM super strength colloidal silver to the wash water. A quart spray bottle filled with water to which you have added two droppers full of colloidal silver makes an effective spray for kitchen cutting boards, sink counter tops etc.